Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Here We Are

Adelaide is a beautiful city. We spent three days there getting training from some amazing people. It was great to see President and Sister Quinn.

So far, we really like Alice Springs and have spent a lot of time touring the City in a state of being completely lost!. The weather has been warm and pleasant, the general landscape and climate seems somewhat similar to Blanding, (20 degrees hotter) though the town is about six times the size.. The branch is very friendly and supportive of missionaries. Our flat (apartment) is pleasant, clean and just the right size. The couple we are replacing, the Edmonds, trained us for two days. They have been doing a wonderful work here. The four elders we’re working with are extremely impressive. We have met most of the investigators, and many of the aboriginal members. We're very excited about working with them. We'll post pictures as soon as we have our DSL. On the next posting I’ll share a few thoughts and things we have learned. –Sister Shumway.

P.S. from Elder Shumway – Riding on the opposite side of the road has been a harrowing experience for my passengers. Following Sister Shumway’s map reading skills has been a harrowing experience for the driver (me). So far, there are no new dents in the vehicle, and I have been able to keep our identification from other drivers, as they politely sound their horns in a state of mild road rage. The GPS system I left at home is much more polite than my designated navigator has been thus far, when I have to take the blame for her inability to read a map. Our relationship of love and trust is growing by leaps and bounds, because I have become a Saint, and am far ahead of her in the area of forgiveness.

We are still trying to find ourselves and our calling in some ways, but are truly thrilled to be in “Alice” with some great Elders, and a wonderful Branch, with an inspired Branch President. Our little Branch also brags the unique privilege of housing a general authority (Elder Jackson, quorum of 70, and Area Authority) who is often in attendance at the Branch, therefore presiding. The Church is still true. Keep the faith, and pray for those we meet, and yes, even those we run into.


Arah Debra said...

Glad to hear you guys are still alive. Everything sounds pretty exciting. I can't wait to see pics.We love and miss you guys. Drive prayerfully! (As Grandma Gibby would say)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you're actually posting and even more glad that you're still alive after driving on the wrong side of the road. Keep on updating us, we love you!

Laura Shumway said...

Loved hearing from you guys. Remember Sister Shumway, the proper phrase is "recalculating route." And as missionaries, you are not allowed to swear! I hope you have kept that in mind during your driving escapades. And yes Dad, we all know that you are a saint. Keep being patient with Mom, she will eventually come around. And Mom, please quit getting upset at Dad when he tries to kill you, other passengers, pedestrians, or those in the oncoming vehicle.

Laura Shumway said...

Christina wants to say:
I once heard a saying that goes. "If everything is going your way, your probably on the wrong side of the road." How's driving the wrong way working for you guys?

Updates From The Outback said...

Laura: I have seriously questioned Jim's routes a few times, but I have never sworn. I'm the saint.
Chrisitna: Grandpa is doing quite well with the other side of the road. He does turn on the wipers, rather than signal quite often. I have wisely choosen life over taking the wheel.