Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas at Angkula

On Sunday, December 16, we went with the Branch President and missionaries to have a special sacrament meeting the members, recent converts, and friends in Angkula. These are an amazing people who have caught the vision of Jesus Christ and the gospel. They have shared the message with friends and family and as a result missionaries are teaching and the church there is growing. These converts are good examples to us all.
Afterwards we had a big Christmas dinner and then a baptism. It was truly a spiritual event and a Christmas we won't forget.
To add to the blessings of this month, six months of dedicated work on the part of the Elders culminated in the baptism of eight more wonderful people. We see in the children the seeds of leadership and greatness, and in the adults, priesthood leadership and strengthening of the church. We are so grateful that their relatives and friends opened the door so they could be taught.


Shawn said...

Thank you for making this posts. I can't convey the joy, peace and love I feel everytime I read a story or see a picture of the two of you on your mission. I just feel like this is where you are meant to be and those people are so lucky to have the two of you there. I love you and have had tears multiple times when I think of how important what you are doing will be in the eterneties to those you are serving.

I love you both.

Lisa said...

Love the pictures! I love, love, love seeing you guys out there - right where you belong!

Arah Debra said...

Thanks for sharing these stories. Shawn is right, you are doing very important work. Keep the updates coming.