Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Blessings

This has been another good month. We had a great Zone Conference with President and Sister Quinn. We were inspired and thrilled to hear from them. We had a celebration for the successes of last month and year and set goals for the future. They taped a panel interview of the Alice Springs District missionaries to record insights that we had received as a result of last month’s successes. We were again amazed with the wisdom and teachings we heard from the Elders, 20 years old and going on 40 when it comes to inspiration, knowledge and teaching ability. We have made the wise decision to have one of them or Elder Jackson (an area authority) accompany us when we do our gospel teaching.

We met Tanya, who is a recent convert Elder Collet taught in Adelaide. She and some friends drove up to Alice and spent a few days here on vacation. She is such a great example of enthusiasm and what a strong testimony can do. We are always so thrilled to see the positive difference the gospel can make in the lives of others. She constantly looks for ways to share the gospel and even spent a day of her vacation to take us tracting. We found several people to teach. Her door approaches were amazing. We email back and forth now. In a recent email she exclaimed, "I am so happy!"


Arah Debra said...

Sounds like you're meeting some amazing people.

Lisa said...

There is nothing better than the pure enthusiasm and testimony of a new convert!