Saturday, August 23, 2008

July Update - Just a Little Late?

Things are going very well here. The sisters’ flat is finally completely set up, my DSL and phone are moved, we are completely moved in, and everyone is busily engaged. Things are quite wonderful with the leadership and the new sisters. We feel that many doors are being opened to the people who have needed to be taught for quite awhile as well as new people who are now being taught.
The sisters have begun teaching a language conversation class of their own with two Korean young women who are on a lower level than the Chinese and Korean students I am teaching. The sisters and we are visiting and teaching as much as we have time to, but this project is very demanding.

The closer I look at it, the more work I realize there really is. The voice recordings on the Power Points seem to take longer than we thought. Hopefully, as we become more experienced this will speed up.
Sister Lovegrove’s organizational skills are proving to be quite valuable, along with her Australian voice and educational background. Sister Wood is an extremely dedicated, hardworking, pleasant person who is eager and able to learn and accomplish whatever she needs to.


Autumn said...

Love hearing about your adventures...even if it's almost September. It just means you're working hard!! I was thinking the sister missionaries were young 21 yr to see pictures.

Arah Debra said...

Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you. I'm glad you have the help of the sisters.

Norma said...

Dear Elder and Sister Shumway, I thank you for lifting my spirits. Hearing your voices makes me smile.-----and I feel happier now. When I count my blessings My heart overflows, and you two are surely alarge part of making that happen. Page 219 of our Hymnal was one of Dads and my favorite songs.,and something you missionaries are doing daily. A scripture that would eliminatr the need for the adversary is found in Alma 48_7.,if we could only be as good as ALMA__we can only strive. I LOVE YOU!!! Mom G.