Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blessings from Heaven

Two weeks ago we had Branch Conference and District President Parsons attended. Sister Wood, Sister Lovegrove, Elder Shumway and I shared with him the things we are working on for the project. He was quite excited and saw that much of what we are generating could be used in Darwin as well the rest of the District. He asked us how he could best help and we told him our greatest frustration is the limited resources we have for technology and how much time is required on my new laptop alone since it is the only one with the capability to do much of the work. We told him that whatever he was inspired to do would be what we need.
Two weeks later he emailed me with the announcement he had come up with the money for a high-powered Apple with a special video graphics program. We will use it until we are finished and then return it to the NT District. I can’t begin to explain what a blessing this is.
At the same time, Brigham Archibald, a nineteen year old young man in our branch, has come onboard with the biggest computer I have ever seen. It has quad CPUs and 4GB of ram and huge dual hard drives. He will be converting the Power Points to video, and then to DVD. From there they will go to Sydney to be duplicated, thirty at a time.
Bro Harding and Bro Murray will be using their computers to help with the Gospel Fundamentals DVDs. and Bro Packy has started coming over on a regular basis to help with the Power Points. Things are coming together through the blessings of the Lord and people who are willing to help Him.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, you will love, love, love the Apple. So great!

Julee said...

looks like the lord is giving you the things that you need to accomplish the things you are there for.

Shawn said...

Sister Shumway, do you need more computers like the apple? Lisa and I could contribute some money toward another. I bet if you asked some of the folks in Blanding who have the means they would help us cover the cost for another computer. Let me know.