Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zone Conference

We had yet another inspirational zone conference last month. We look forward to each visit. President Quinn is a truly inspired leader and Sister Quinn is a wonderful support. We are blessed to have such great mission leaders. Pres. Quinn spent some extra time with us on the project. He gave us some wonderful counsel and direction; and as a result things are moving along very well.
He shared with us a video called “Celebrate What’s Right with the World,” an inspiring piece by a photographer for National Geographic. It’s full to fantastic shots and great thoughts. We watched it again later the next day. I would like to share a few quotations from it that might be beneficial to you, as they were for us. If you want all the notes, let me know and I’ll email them.
“We all have teachers, mentors who show us what’s possible.”
“I won’t see it until I believe it.”
“The more I believed, the more I would see it.”
“We live in an ever-changing possibility curve; perhaps we can’t control it, but we can learn to ride it…. How open to possibility does our perception allow us to be?”
“Vision controls our perception. Perception controls our reality.”
“As I celebrated what’s right with the world, I began to see how to transform the ordinary into something exceptional.”
“By celebrating the best, we are allowed to fall in love with it.”
“We should not strive to be the best in the world, but the best for the world.”


Lisa said...

I've seen this video, it really is good.

The Spin-ster said...

That guy has less and less hair every time I see him. You need to share your secrets for a full head of hair with him.