Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emily Gap Baptisms


The missionaries in Alice Springs Zone are working hard to bring the Gospel to outlying areas where some the Aboriginal population lives. They have no transportation in to town so the Church is taken to them. They have church services and baptisms in their own communities surrounded by friends and family. They are changing their lives for the better. One of the communities they are working in is called Amoonguna.In April they had their first baptismal service for this community in a beautiful place called Emily’s Gap. Congratulations to the Elders and Elders and Sister Bogadehl for their hard work and success.
You may enjoy this YouTube link for a video of these baptisms:

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Christin said...

Wow that's quite a large bunch. What a wonderful experience. I hear you guys are home. Is that right? Where are you living now? Love to see you.


Updates From The Outback said...

We are home in Blanding for right now. I am trying to catch up on my blogs. I am only about TEN behind. Hopefully one or more a day.

Lorene said...

That's hard to do when you are spending all of your time up on the mountain. BTW hows the herd this year? Bill