Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Taste Buds

I’d already been thinking about writing this blog, but after Lisa’s blog today on food, I decided I’d put in my 2 bits.
Yesterday my husband and I went by the grocery store because I wanted to pick up some grapes. It wasn’t our regular shopping trip so we just got a few things. I got grapes, apples, carrots, and a red bell pepper. Elder Shumway bought hot dog buns, a dozen doughnuts and a package of Australian beef sausages. Their sausages are a substitute for our hot dogs. Now I’ve never like hot dogs, but these are so much worse. They are full of fat and by products. They’re bumpy and crumble instead of bend. I tasted one bite some time ago, but wasn’t able to swallow it. While I was making my salad, he boiled his sausages. This white foamy stuff filled the pan and he had to keep spooning it off. When he stuck one with a fork, it kind of crumbled like a Vienna sausage. The outside skin peals off and crumples while it’s boiling. They look like long fat grubs. I told him I wasn’t sure there was an amount of money I would take to eat those things, but whatever that amount was, it was more than he had.
I looked into that pan and at my salad and thought, now I understand why I eat the way I do! So Lisa, in answer to your question about taste buds, go figure! I’ve got no idea!


Lisa said...

LOL! Those sausages look (and sound) sooooo disgusting! The salad...right up my alley.

Autumn said...

Of all the people in the world who could answer the taste bud question I thought for sure it would by Lynda Shumway! I guess we have to keep guessing...Jim...EW! Lynda..Yummy!

Arah Debra said...

That's disgusting dad! I can't believe you can even put those things in your mouth. I'm so grossed out.

Christin said...

Hi guys. I'm loving your blog. I wonder if Nathan ate those things. He was in Melbourne. YIKES