Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mark's Baptism

The Alice District Missionaries were thrilled with the baptism of Mark Bournes on March 22. We met him and his wife, Karen, in December, and quickly grew to respect and love them. We with the Elders, have all enjoyed good times, lessons, dinners together. Karen joined the Church when she was sixteen. They are both so determined and diligent about making important changes in their lives. Their progress has been exciting for us and the Elders to watch. They already had a wonderful marriage and now they are united in the Gospel. It was a spiritual baptismal service with great support from the branch. Mark received a wonderful blessing in his confirmation. Mark and Karen (Brother and Sister Bournes) are great additions to the Church. They have recently made job changes that will make it possible to attend church regularly. We are looking forward to being lifelong friends and give thanks to both of them for the privilege of being part of this baptism.


Lisa said...

I loved meeting Mark and Karen, what great people! I'm so happy that everything worked out with their jobs!

Bill said...

Jim, It is nice to know that you still are coloring your hair. Just thinking about about you Bill