Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Marvelous Week and a Wonder Part 2

Our marvelous week continued Friday March 28 with our arrival in Adelaide. The kids were great on the plane. There was an extra seat by Elder Shumway and me, so Keely spent much of the flight with us. Here are some highlights of the next four days. For further details and highlights, go to Shawn and Lisa's blog link.

Somehow Keely and Ben were able to get their parents and grandparents to the temple on time. During the sealing Keely was a perfect little lady, while Benjamin reminded everyone of his baby blessing wherein he was told he would be humble and powerful. We are still waiting for the humble part!
Ben’s becoming part of our family and his sealing in the temple were the culmination of a string of miracles that testify over and over of God’s tender mercies in our lives. It was such a memorable experience to be able share with everyone in the sealing room together. It makes us so very grateful to know that families can, indeed, be together forever.

A wonderful young woman and convert baptized by Elder Collet one year ago, Tanya Wells worked hard to ready so she could get her endowments when we came to Adelaide. Saturday morning, before Ben’s sealing, we were privileged to accompany her in the temple. She is such a wonderful example of a good member of the church: eagerly learning, quickly to progressing, and enthusiastically spreading the Gospel. She came with us to Ben’s sealing afterward.

There were lots of adventures, stories, and swinging on the porch swing with Keely and Ben.

Saturday we were all off with Keely and Benjamin to the Beach House Amusement Park.

Keely found a face painter and became a baby kangaroo. Ben thoroughly enjoyed the transformation.

We found our way out the door and to the beach. It was too cold for swimming, but there was plenty to do digging holes, building sand castles, chasing waves and seagulls, collecting shells, walking down the peer, and watching Ben ride on Grandpa’s shoulders.

We enjoyed dinner at Elder and Sister Smith’s the first night there. Most of the other evenings were spent playing Scrabble. Sister Shumway was a miserable failure and wanted to bow out for the following nights. Shawn courageously took her on as his partner, but found that bad luck and letters followed her. Everyone was content to let her sit at the table and work on her computer thereafter.

Monday night we enjoyed a heart warming family home evening together and the next morning, we were off. Keely came along even though it was early. She insisted on wearing the shell necklace she and Grandma Shumway made together. We had a wonderful conversation all the way to the airport.
This week will remain permanently etched in our all hearts and minds. Thanks so much to Lisa and Shawn for the sacrifices they made to get the whole family here and to President and Sister Quinn for their gracious hospitality and the amazing dinners at home as well as their favorite Thai restaurant.
It was hard to say good-bye, but we are thrilled to be here doing what we know the Lord wants us to do. More importantly, it makes us so aware of the importance of blessing we all can earn of never having to say good-bye forever. Our families can be together forever.


Lisa said...

I love you guys, it was so much fun to be there!

Arah Debra said...

I love reading about and seeing pictures of your time together. It makes me feel like a part of it all.