Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May Zone Conference

Last weekend Pres. and Sister Quinn and the Assistants came to Alice Springs for the Zone Conference. Their daughter, Kristen and her husband Abram came along with their two children. It was a wonderful conference. Kristen and Abram spoke as well and added greatly to the spirit. Zone conferences are always so uplifting and energizing. We learned about total commitment, transformation, faith in Jesus Christ, and miracles.

I spent Saturday morning teaching the Assistants how to teach the missionaries to teach literacy. Missionaries are teaching large groups of Sudanese and Asian immigrants in other areas of the mission.
Sister Quinn and I spent the afternoon with an investigator who recently had a new baby. She is a lovely person and a truly dedicated mother. We had a golf tournament and dinner at Club Lasseter with some investigators and branch members. It was all very successful and we had a good time building relationships. (No, I didn’t golf.)

President and Sister Quinn, Abram and Kristen, Ryan Quinn (who arrived later in the week) and the missionaries attended church out bush in Alcoota and got to attend the baptism of two converts. They had a very memorable experience. We watched Kristen’s baby and toddler. We got to be “grandparents” for the day.
It is so thrilling to think of the things that have happened in the last 10 years, which is culminating in President Quinn and his wife, and Elder and Sister Shumway having these amazing experiences half way around the world from where we thought we would be. We have been able to share our lives with some wonderful people from Australia, and have also been a part of the lives of the Quinn family. Who could have guessed that the events of 10 years ago, with Shawn and Lisa getting married would have such a positive lasting effect on so many people? We are very thankful to be a small part of the Quinn family and hope to share an eternity of friendship.


Lisa said...

I love it! Talking with Abram and Kristin made me wish we had visited the Alice Springs branch too.

Julee said...

that is nice for the Quinns to have so many menbers of there family visit. Wish I could but my heart is there with you