Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good- Byes

Here is our last mission picture with Elder VanderDoes. One thing that you can always count on, especially on a mission, is change. It seems there are always difficult good-byes. We remember at these times, how blessed we have been to know and associate with such fine young men. We hope they will always consider us family and continue to stay in touch. We wish them the best life has to offer.

Saying good-bye to Elder VanderDoes as he goes to his last transfer. The Bird mob came to say good-bye too. He's home now.

Alison, Chris and the baby came along too. They mean a great deal to all of us.

Elder Collet came back with his parents to say good-bye to all of us. It was wonderful to see him again and meet his parents.

The Bartons, Jacksons, and missionaries got together at Chris and Alison's for a Family Home Evening Send Off for Elder Collet.


Lisa said...

I can't believe Elder Collet and Elder VanderDoes are gone; sad, but I'm happy for them. I'll bet Elder Collet's parents loved coming out. Hopefully you can all have a big mission reunion and catch up some time!

Arah Debra said...

I bet its hard saying all those goodbyes. I'm glad you were able to meet Elder Collet's parents. I know how much he meant to you guys.