Monday, March 9, 2009

Literacy Bags Get a Home


Sandover Schools serves thirteen out bush schools. They are working on a program to teach parents how to share books with their children so that they all can learn about the joys of reading. They will be using our literacy bags. A hired Aboriginal Literacy Aid will visit the homes in the communities on a weekly basis.
Eric Frater, from the Sydney area, organized a project for collecting materials that will be used for the activities in the literacy bags. He delivered four boxes to Elder Warby in Sydney who sent them down to Blanding. From there, they were delivered to Sandover Schools. Thanks so much to all that were involved.
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Christin said...

Ok I'm really confused. My parents said you guys were home. It's now apparent that I've been given bad information. You guys are still in the mission field AND going strong. Good work.