Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blessings in June

Last November in conference, Elder Robert D Hales talked about personal revelation. In the talk was the following quote: “Elder Romney taught me about how the Lord blesses us with revelation. ‘Robert,’ he said, ‘I have learned that when we are on the Lord’s errand, we have His blessings to accomplish whatever we are asked to do.’ Since the literacy project was conceived and approved until now, little miracles, God’s tender mercies have been pouring in. There is no doubt in my mind that things are taking place here of great significance and I hope and pray that we in the Alice Springs District will continue to work together and find ourselves equal to the task.
It is an interesting series of events that have brought us to where we now are. Actually, it all started with a little tornado that tore the covering off the chapel in Angkula. That put President Marriott in touch with Elder Bartholomew in Sydney, who was over of the humanitarian projects for Australia. In a later conversation President Marriott mentioned needing some financial help with some gospel principle DVD’s he had us making in English and aboriginal language to teach the people out bush. That put an excited Elder Bartholomew in touch with President Quinn requesting an expanded proposal for a literacy project in this area. Subsequent conversations with Marla Atkinson in Blanding, Utah led to the idea of literacy bags like she developed for San Juan County School District.
Other events have led to the development of English conversation courses that will be converted from PowerPoint to DVD video. Savings within the projected budget have totaled to just enough for us to afford the software needed so everything we are developing can be professionally put together. The Elders and branch members have pitched in to help with much of the computer work that needs to be done. There are still many things to do and many questions to be answered but with faith and God's help we will “build the bridge as we walk on it.”
There will be more details on the marvelous help we're getting from Blanding and Monticello, Utah in the next blog.


Autumn said...

Awesome! I love reading about what you guys are doing! Can't wait to hear more about the aid from Blanding....maybe our stake could help out too?

Shawn said...

It is wonderful to see what is happening in Alice Springs. There is no doubt that the appropriate resources will flow to allow the bridge to be built toward a foundation for unbelievable growth for the Aboriginals.

Love you both so much and I thank you for your example.

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Christin said...

Wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing.