Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday and Good-bye to Elder Brons

The one thing in our lives that remains constant is change. We had a birthday celebration for Elder Brons at the Bartons’ and the next thing we knew he was being transferred to Darwin. It was hard saying good-bye. He is from Australia, so it’s pretty unlikely we will be seeing him again, once we leave the mission.

He has been a tremendous asset to the district,, writing the proposal and helping me with the technicalities of Power Point and the computer in general as I wrote my literacy lessons.

He is very spiritual and dedicated. He will do a good job wherever he goes.

We welcomed Elder Jensen. He is bright, dedicated and knowledgeable. He fits in well and we are pleased to have him as a part of the Alice Springs District.


Lisa said...

I thought Elder Brons was from New Zealand??

Arah Debra said...

It must be hard to say goodbye, but wonderful to welcome new missionaries. Bittersweet I guess :-)

Updates From The Outback said...

Elder Brons is originally from New Zealand, but he had been living in Australia when he left on his mission and he plans to live here afterwards.
Thanks for the comments from you and Arah. We always look forward to reading them.