Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Literacy Project and Language Classes

We continue to work hard getting the literacy project to a launch stage. Sister Shumway is writing PowerPoint reading lessons that will be converted to DVD’s so that students will be able to practice at home and teach each other in the out bush communities. The missionaries are helping. It’s handy to have two computers in the same room (We just bought a new one). It is amazing to watch how things have fallen into place for the project, as well as missionary work.

We have also begun teaching English conversation lessons to Chinese and Korean students. It’s quite enjoyable and the students are very appreciative. They are learning and progressing quickly. Hopefully, we will be able to interest some of them in the gospel. Sister Shumway is converting the English conversation lessons to PowerPoint, with sound, that will eventually be converted to DVD’s for use in our literacy project, and also help our Asian and Korean students practice at home.


Lisa said...

You are right in your element, aren't you?!

Arah Debra said...

That is so amazing you guys! Think of the lives you'll touch and change.